Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Hephzibah (pronounced Hef-Zee-bah), it’s a mouthful, fit for a woman who’s a handful. I’m Nigerian, sometimes proudly, sometimes bleh. I live in Nairobi Kenya with my legal lover, Mister Ola.

After studying politics and international relations for my first degree, International Law and Diplomacy for my Master’s degree, I have since taken interests in many fields like psychology, sociology and anthropology. I like to know things, I like to ask “why” and see beneath every surface; The human surface and the societal surface. I’ve lived everyday searching, and every time I find an answer, I want to share with the world, with curious cats like me. No pun intended.

I found out I love capturing time and memory, and I will be combining the two favs here while I get pleasantly lost in thoughts. Join me on this journey, hopefully, we get lost.


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