There’s been many days of reveries. It was my birthday 16 days ago. I finally became a full fledged adult. Now i can start worrying and panicking. 

I never really worried. Sure I had anxiety. Very normal. But i always consoled myself I was doing just great. I finished my undergraduate degree 19, post graduate 23. I have been working since my first degree, so i had years of experience under the belt. But rather than these being accomplishment, I was stuck in this cycle where it felt I had moved backwards.

Don’t ever succumb to society’s expectations of you. Just do, well, you. Because you are the only one you have to deal with. At night, when you lay down your head to sleep. So, will you be satisfied at the choices you’ve made?

I’m glad I am where I am. I don’t really have a bucket list but if I did, I’m ticking it just right too. Nobody can tell me nuthin.

Age is nothing but a number, they say. And it’s my number whether I accept it or not. And I love that I can. I’m 25 and loving it. Because I found the true meaning of living. Now, I will.

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